Type: cable resistant to temperature variations, with compensating properties.
International symbol: (VDE 0815).
Rated voltage: 225 V.
Field of use: it is used in dry or humid places, in areas with large temperature differences to supply plastic injection molding machines, industrial furnaces, steel mills and other industrial installations.
Conductor: single- or multi-wire.
Insulation: on bundles.
Sheath: round or rectangular in shape. It is usually in pairs, but depending on the request, it can be executed with several pairs.

Technical parameters:

Ambient temperature posed moving
with PVC sheath -25 °C to +70 °C -5 °C to +70 °C
with silicone rubber sheath -25 °C to +180 °C -25 °C to+180 °C
with fiberglass Sheath -25 °C la +200 °C -25 °C la +200 °C

Technical specifications:

Sim Conductor material Temperature   Sim. Conductor material Sim.colour
  + - Min. Max.     + - Sheath + -
T Copper Co-Nickel -200 +350   TC Copper Co-Nickel M M Al
J Steel Co-Nickel -40 +750   JX Steel Co-Nickel N N Al
E Nickel-chrome Co-Nickel -150 +800   EX Nickel-chrome Cu-Nichel Mo Mo Al
K Nickel-chrome Nickel -150 +1100   KX Nickel-chrome Nickel V V Al
            KCA Steel Co-Nickel V V Al
            KCB Copper Co-Nickel V V Al
R Platinum 13%-Rodium Platinum 0 +1600   RCA Copper Co-Nickel N N Al
S Platinum 10%-Rodium Platinum 0 +1550   SCA Copper Co-Nickel N N Al

Type* Insulation on the bundles Sheath
KX-YQ PVC PVC ·steel braid
KX-YQY PVC PVC · steel braid · PVC
KX-Y(St)Y PVC PETP tape · aluminum foil · PVC
KX-Y(Cu)Y PVC PETP tape · copper foil · PVC
KX-YGl PVC Fiberglass fabric
KX-YGlQ PVC Fiberglass fabric · steel braid
KX-Si Silicone Silicone
KX-SiQ Silicone Silicone · steel braid
KX-Si(St)Si Silicon PETP tape · aluminum foil · silicone
KX-Si(Cu)Si Silicone PETP tape · copper foil · silicone
KX-SiGl Silicone Fiberglass fabric
KX-SiGlQ Silicone Fiberglass fabric · steel braid
KX-SiTQ Silicone Textile tape · semiconductor layer · steel braid

(*) The initials KX can be replaced with any material symbolized in the tables above, for example: if the symbol KX is replaced with JX in the SIQ formula we will obtain JXSIQ, resulting in a cable with compensating properties, consisting of a conductor of steel, copper, nickel , protected with steel braid and silicone sheath.